Steering Committee

The research project has a steering committee whose role is to influence the project's long-term objectives and assist in problem-solving. The steering committee includes representatives from various project stakeholders and meets as needed, at least once a year. The steering committee is called together by either the project owner or project manager.

National Museum of Finland: Tiina Mertanen

Finnish Heritage Agency: Hannu Matikka / Sallamaria Tikkanen

Governing Body of Suomenlinna: Ilari Kurri

Maritime Archaeological Society of Finland: Hannu Rokka

University of Helsinki: Mika Lavento

Representative of the funding foundation: Mikko Voipio (ja Antero Parma)

Viaporin telakka ry: Jouni Wirta

Ehrensvärd Society: Magdalena af Hällström

Scientific Diving: Roope Flinkman