Divers on the surface at the descent line buoy. Workboat Wellamo in the background.

The End of Glory Days?

Biography of the Swedish wrecks as Blue Heritage of Sveaborg

In 2021, an international research program titled "The Lost Navy, Sweden's 'Blue' Heritage c. 1450-1850" was launched (2021-2026). The program aims to gather information about various vessels of the navy and their life stories.

This is the most extensive collaborative research in maritime archaeology and history within the Baltic Sea region, funded by the Sveriges Riksbank's Jubilee Fund. Collaborative partners in the research program include Stockholm University's Centre for Maritime Studies (CEMAS), Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums, and in Finland, the Finnish Heritage Agency.

In Finland, the research project focuses on Suomenlinna and the shipwrecks located around it. What happened to over a hundred ships of various sizes captured as war booty in the fortress in 1808? How many of the shipwrecks observed on the sea floor ultimately belong to the Archipelago Fleet? The study also delves into other Swedish warship wrecks in our waters and continues the research on the Hahtiperä wreck found in Oulu in 2019.

Maritime archaeologists employ modern research methods to uncover the secrets laying on the sea floor. Collaborative partners of the Finnish Heritage Agency include the Governing Body of Suomenlinna, the Maritime Archaeological Society of Finland, the University of Helsinki, the Ehrensvärd Society and the Viapori Dockyard Society.

The research can be followed on social media throughout its duration.

Project Titles:


Unohdettu laivasto, Ruotsin ”sininen” kulttuuriperintö vuosina 1450–1850
Veteen vajonneet, Ruotsin laivaston hylyt Suomenlinnan kulttuuriperintönä


The Lost Navy: Sweden's "blue" heritage c. 1450–1850
The End of Glory Days? Biography of the Swedish wrecks as Blue Heritage of Sveaborg.


Den glömda flottan. Sveriges "blåa" kulturarv c:a 1450–1850
Slutet på fornstora dar? En biografi över svenska vrak som Sveaborgs "Blåa" kulturarv.

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