Two divers are inspecting a wreck park information sign

Cherish our wrecks!

The Finnish Divers' Federation, the Maritime Museum of Finland, and the Finnish Heritage Agency are together bringing up an important matter: the promotion of good wreck diving practices. The background is the sharing of a diving ideology that protects wrecks. Wreck diving is one of the most popular areas of diving in Finland, enjoyed by thousands of divers annually. The campaign's goal is to preserve wrecks for future generations of divers.

Philosophy of Preservation:

1. Wrecks as Stories

Wrecks tell stories of maritime life, trade, and military history from the past – stories of the people who were here before us. The pieces of the story are in the wreck, its structures, artifacts, and the surrounding environment.

2. Wrecks as Burial Sites

People have died in maritime accidents. Let's respect the final resting place of those who perished with the ships.

3. Wrecks as Biological Reefs

Wrecks become part of the surrounding nature and serve as habitats for marine animals and plants. Let's also protect the underwater environment.

4. Take Care of Yourself, Your Family, and Friends

Ensure you are properly trained for safe wreck diving. Keep in mind that besides entanglement hazards, wrecks might contain dangerous cargo or ammunition.

5. Share Your Experiences

We, the divers of the Baltic Sea and Finland's numerous lakes, are privileged to explore various wrecks. Share your experiences with those who don't have access to the underwater world.

6. Wrecks Have a Future

Diving equipment, techniques, and methods for seabed exploration are constantly evolving. Let's preserve wrecks as exciting diving destinations and sources of knowledge for the next generation of divers.